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Tim Hudak, Ontario Conservatives Play Politics With Bullying

Sometimes you have to call a homophobe a homophobe. Tim Hudak you are a disgrace.

The National Post reports that the Ontario Conservatives are playing politics with the serious issue of student bullying. Yesterday the Ontario Liberals introduced anti-bullying legislation and an “it gets better” video that featured Dalton McGuinty. The Conservatives responded by hastily throwing together a politically driven press conference.

It Gets Better

It Gets Better

Ottawa Conservative MPP Lisa Macleod asks why people don’t just team up with the Ontario Conservatives. Maybe she forgets the bullying homophobic hate speech she and Tim Hudak were spewing around Ontario during the election?

Speaking of the Ontario Conservatives and schools, the Toronto District School Board is still waiting for an apology following Tim Hudak’s hateful attack on gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual students.

And clearly no one is buying the BS Tim Hudak and, his attack dog, MPP Elizabeth Witmer is selling. As of this posting only one person had shown support for the Conservative contrivance on Facebook – one of Witmer’s family members.

No One Beleives Witmer

No One Believes Witmer

Although it is clear Tim Hudak intended to play politics with this serious issue, we have to ask, is bullying an issue the Ontario Conservatives really care about?

Kenney Pretends to Care

Kenney Pretends to Care

First lets take a look at Jason Kenney’s it gets better video. The Stephen Harper Conservatives introduced a federal motion calling for the government to restoring the traditional definition of marriage. Then Steven Harper took a play right out of Tim Hudak’s book and had Jason Kenney pretend that Conservatives cared about gay bullying in a video. This had many communities outraged that Conservatives in one breath try to take away rights and in the next breath say they care. Hypocrites.

Hudak's Homophobic Flyers

Hudak's Homophobic Flyers

Second, let’s take a look at Tim Hudak’s homophobic flyers. A prominent gender researcher has gone further than just labeling the flyer as homophobic, she decries Tim Hudak’s flyer as hate speech. The problem? Outside of the fact that Tim Hudak still stands behind his homophobic attacks? Hudak won’t back down, he actually embraces these homophobic flyers.

Third, let’s take a look at how Tim Hudak political staffers treat bullying. Megs Boyle was a high ranking communications director on Tim Hudak’s media bus during the 2011 election and before that senior staff in Lisa MacLeod’s office when MacLeod stabbed Norm Sterling in that back and pushed him out of the party. Megs’ Twitter account suggests that the issue of bullying is just a joke.

Conservatives think bullying is a joke

Conservatives think bullying is a joke

Tim Hudak’s Ontario Conservatives, taking bullying actions.


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